The Self Care zeitgeist says it’s time to treat yourself, but what does that even mean? It’s more than being kind to yourself. Broaden your view of your Self. Discover how you are actually treating yourself. Explore how you really move and who it really is behind your movements. Find out how clearly your brain and body are communicating. Kindly weed out the shorthand habits that no longer serve you. Demonstrate a real commitment to yourself, and you will experience my full dedication in return.

I am Mascha Löschmann. My motto is “Sensing and experiencing are golden." I challenge you to become receptive, perceptive and curious about your way of moving. If you do this - as if by magic - the rest of your being will benefit. I offer a unique palette of modalities as a Feldenkrais practitioner, Critical Alignment therapist, Child’Space trainer, Sensitive Leadership coach (based on the principles of Argentine Tango), Contact Kids teacher and general facilitator of connecting-possibilities. With this rich range of options I help my clients and collaborators get closer to their full potential.

I so look forward to helping you find what is possible for you, with you.