About me, Mascha Löschmann

I have assembled some 20+ years’ experience in the field of bodywork, dance, family constellation therapy, and specifically the Feldenkrais method. They say to be able to teach something well, one must have first gone through their own dark night of the soul. Mine began with  an undetected motor-skill development delay and pushing my boundaries when I was training to be a professional dancer, resulting in many injuries. The biggest part of my rehabilitation took the form of the Feldenkrais Method, years later.

As an aspiring dancer, my reward for my exertions and efforts had been ‘euphoria’, which was always short-lived. I was unable to access self-knowledge or understand the complexity and genius of how life is designed. When I started to practice Feldenkrais, I was continually astonished by how such simple movements (especially given my physical ability and dexterity) could be so complex, and have such an incredible impact on me, both physically and mentally.

Societal conditioning makes us strive to meet a standard, accepted form. Feldenkrais encouraged me to listen to my inner longing and to pay attention to my ignorance, so that something could emerge from the natural organisation of my Self, or my true nature. Because of all these revelations, it was inevitable that I became a Feldenkrais practitioner myself, in 2003.

I have given myself the job to bring you, my clients and collaborators, to a point where you can encounter who you are inside and how you see yourself in the world. You do this through observing what you sense and how you experience yourself - through movement. This knowledge and understanding will resonate through the rest of your life and your being.