Individual sessions - including Feldenkrais Functional Integration

Another way to experience the Feldenkrais method is called ‘Functional Integration’. In this one-on-one session I ask you about your most pressing issue. Then I instruct you to make some very gentle movements. I may perform some subtle physical manipulation to ensure you are opening up your awareness relating to your area of focus. I could also introduce other therapies to enhance the session in the opening conversation I have with you.  

The objective of the session is not to ‘solve’ something specific, but to notice. To notice things like accepting that first you need to get in touch with your existing confusion. Then, you understand that there might be a different approach that you can choose to do a certain thing (such as sit down and stand up; or hold a violin bow; or pick up your child). If the ‘solution’ is a friendlier treatment (read: a better co-ordinated way) of yourself, you may discover ways to understand and therefore move your body – in far more creative, expansive and kinder ways.

Individual sessions are suitable for clients with a longing to improve their physical, emotional, mental awareness. This awareness is the key to any change and improvement.

Please contact me for further information on times and prices.