Weekly group lessons - Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement

Feldenkrais can be practiced in a group setting. While I walk through the room and speak, you will be most likely lying or sitting on the ground. I invite you to make very gentle, small, precise movements, focusing on a particular part of your anatomical organisation. This is your chance to truly notice how you move your body. By observing the physically obvious, the magical and unexpected can happen. From the beginning to the end of the session, the physical and mental transformation is tangible, ‘awakening’ the body and the mind.

As a participant, you are encouraged to make your best ‘non-effort’, something that feels counter-intuitive, particularly in relation to bodywork. The Feldenkrais methods encourages an open-mindedness, mindfulness and trust in the process – attitudes that are gaining more understanding in our society.

Group lessons are suitable for students at all ‘levels’. So whether you are a newcomer to Feldenkrais or have decades of experience with this type of bodywork, you are very welcome. Currently I hold 75-minute lessons on Mondays. One at 10.15am and another at 8pm. Please contact me for further information.